April 2024 — Health Care, Senior & Life Sciences Quarterly — Page 9 F or health care and life sci- ences companies beginning the search for a new facil- ity to call home, innova- tion communities are often sought-after destinations. Provid- ing the ability to grow and change with less friction, move-in ready or customized lab and office space, and collaboration with other like- minded organizations and leader- ship teams, innovation communi- ties check off a list of extra benefits. Idea exchange opportunities, work- life balance and access to outdoor amenities make doing business and enjoying life outside of work better for community member companies and their employees. Based in Aurora, and an integral part of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Fitzsi- mons Innovation Community is home to more than 80 life sciences companies defining the future of health and care. Our community is located in the heart of Adams County, an area rich with tradition and history, with a competitive housing market and local economic development partners committed to creating custom approaches that meet the unique needs of site selec- tors, chief executive officers and decision-makers. When Fitzsimons Innovation Community began 25 years ago, our mission was to create a commu- nity where innovators, visionaries and risk-takers would find com- mon ground while discovering and developing the next big things in health care. We’re proud to say that community is here and thriving. As experts in building an innovation com- munity, we under- stand the unique and evolving needs of life sci- ences companies, their diverse sets of requirements, desired amenities, employee needs, and growth tra- jectories. Here are a few insights on how site selectors choose an innovation community. Innovation community considerations When evaluating innovation com- munity space, important elements of the decision involve looking at community stability, facilities and livability in proximity to the area. This means evaluating the actual facilities and workspace, while also taking into consideration the other, more intangible amenities – like the culture and demographics of an innovation community’s location – on campus. n Stability: Strong foundations for building a future. Understanding the stability of an innovation com- munity means considering several key elements about its history, mis- sion, ownership stability and depth of leadership. These factors, along with access to funding, proximity to academic institutions and hospitals, early stage research to commercial release success stories, commercial real estate availability and room to grow, are the differentiators that aid in making the right decision. n Facilities: The right fit to acceler- ate innovation. A community that pri- oritizes research and development is typically one with a strong, purpose- built, technological infrastructure. Life science companies rely on the innovation community’s investment in infrastructure to provide a sound foundation to be able to grow, both into physical spaces and virtually. n Livability: Answering workforce needs. Being able to work, live and play in one community has become a draw for talent acquisition and relocation for many innovation com- munities across the country. It’s about moving seamlessly between workday and active, family and social time without an hour-long commute. This balance is something for which innovation communities are known. n Sustainability: Commitment to the environment. Sustainability remains a key consideration for companies as they consider a relocation or expan- sion. Are its sustainability goals visi- ble and transparent? What elements contribute to green working and liv- ing? How will it adapt to the change and growth that surrounds it? See- ing environmental stewardship in action helps companies align with a community with shared values. Choosing a life sciences innovation community LIFE SCIENCES April Giles Vice president of business development, Fitzsimons Innovation Community Please see Giles, Page 15 Tryba Architectss A rendering reflects the vision for Fitzsimons Innovation Community’s master plan, centered on innovation, health, wellness and restorative green spaces for gathering and relaxation that contribute to individuals and organizations meeting their potential.