INSIDE I n the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate, sustainability has become a cornerstone for responsible development and long-term value. This article delves into a transformative case study at the University of Colorado Boulder, where our firm’s expertise in energy modeling played a pivotal role in shaping decisions that align with sustainability goals – lessons that commercial real estate owners and property managers can apply to their own projects. n What is energy modeling? Energy modeling is a com- putational process that simulates and analyzes the ener- gy performance of a building through- out its life cycle. It involves the use of specialized soft- ware to create a virtual representa- tion of a building, considering fac- tors such as design, construction materials, HVAC systems and more. The goal is to evaluate and optimize energy consumption, efficiency and sustainability. The University of Colorado Boul- der embarked on a development project at its new mixed-use North Boulder Creek Campus, driven by a commitment to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency. Although a university building, the principles applied in this case study hold valuable insights for the com- mercial real estate sector. n Energy modeling for informed decision-making. Our firm’s role in the project was to guide the design team’s decision-making process by providing insights into energy con- sumption, carbon emissions and construction materials. The goal was to optimize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impact and incorporate sustainable con- struction practices, aligning with CU Boulder’s commitment to sus- tainability. The ability to charge at any extended stop is an expected convenience for EV owners. Electric vehicles Is the contractor you selected tied to specific vendors or does it have flexibility to choose? Solar system PAGE 6 Stepping forward: It’s time to diversify and engage our strengths BOMA Please see Mikkelson, Page 15 January 2024 PAGES 20-22 PAGE 4 Annie Mikkelson, LEED GA Senior marketing specialist, Iconergy Employ energy modeling, embodied carbon analysis Sasaki