HEALTH CARE, SENIOR & LIFE SCIENCES T hough most medicine com- prises small molecule com- pounds derived from chemi- cal reactions, it is widely held that biologic therapies likely will surpass the small mol- ecule market in the future. “Biolog- ics” are an emerging class of drugs made inside living organisms such as bacteria. While biologics have been available for decades, the growing interest in targeted treat- ments has elevated the science with a focus on large complex molecules consisting of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, sugars and other cel- lular structures. Scientific innovation does not necessarily mirror economic highs and lows, although capital is nec- essary for promoting and deliver- ing innovative therapeutics. In 2022, bringing a new drug to mar- ket cost upward of $2 billion, with a timeline of 14 years – including drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical trials, regu- latory filings and post-marketing reporting. To top it off, the current success rate of a drug candidate, from the beginning of the clinical trial to receiving marketing approv- al, is about 10%-20%, which has not changed over the past several decades. The growth of the biotechnol- ogy industry can be tracked by the number of clini- cal trials occurring at any point in time. U.S. National Library of Medi- cine data for active clinical trials in the U.S. reflects the growing pace of research and drug development over the last 15 years, which serves as a foundation for continued growth. Since 2008, the growth in the bio- technology index has outperformed the Nasdaq. While Nasdaq is down 33% over its November 2020 peak, the BlackRock iShare Biotechnol- ogy ETF is down only 24% over its August 2020 peak. Timing and cost constraints will continue to drive biotechnology partnerships with cash-rich large pharmaceutical companies. On average, a drug will take 4.5 years for drug discovery and optimization before it can enter preclinical trials, with a cost of more than $900 mil- lion. Some 18 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies have done business in Boulder County, and the current pullback in private equity and venture financing will likely result in more mergers and acquisitions, and partnership activi- ties in 2023 from companies with exciting research pipelines. While capital market performance Please see Jugl, Page 10 INSIDE Value-add is key to serving middle-market seniors - Joshua Thomas Keep senior needs, wants in mind when designing - Denis Koval Senior living Design considerations PAGE 6 PAGE 8 Senior housing update: Things may be looking up - Michael J. Martin Senior housing PAGE 4 January 2023 John Jugl Vice chairman, Newmark Dane Hooks Director, Newmark 2022 life science review: What does it all mean? Source: Clinica