68 / BUILDING DIALOGUE / September 2022 T he 1900 Sixteenth Street’s lobby space has been completely reimagined to reflect the vibrant spirit of Denver’s Union Station neighborhood. Tryba Architects designed the 18-sto- ry mixed-use office tower, featuring a light-filled, two-story lobby and a unique landscaped entrance plaza surrounded by ground-floor retail and tenant amenities. At the time of construction in 2008, 1900 Sixteenth Street had been the first major new commercial development near the termi- nation of the 16th Street Mall. Aimed to attract Class A tenants to a relatively uncharted area of downtown, the original lobby was elegant and timeless – but lacked in- dividuality. Fourteen years later, the neighborhood has vastly changed and the building now finds itself at the heart of one of the city’s most vibrant and desirable ur- ban districts. With the location now naturally attracting world-class tenants, the time had arrived to enhance the building lobby – the first point of welcome – to better reflect the spirit of innovation, collaboration and social interaction seen in the neighborhood. Our interior design team returned to take on the chal- lenge of transforming a pass-through zone into a memo- rable destination for tenants and visitors to experience and enjoy. Importantly, the lobby had to remain fully functional throughout the design and construction process, so wholesale changes to the program and ac- cess points were not an option. Instead, the designers focused on incorporating high-impact materials, viscer- al elements of nature and scaled proportions to create 1900 Sixteenth Street Lobby Elizabeth Goodnite, NCIDQ, NEWH Associate, Interior Designer, Tryba Architects A spherical installation by Denver-based artist Theresa Clowes hangs from the ceiling; it was formed using local cottonwood sticks sus- pended in a collective body.