Nate Wick already lives in his dream place. And now, at 47, he’s embarking on his dream job. The vision of pulling shots of espresso well into his golden years came to him one day when he was driving home to Ridgway. Now, the new owner of Cimarron Coffee and Books is content to start his career running the show and all the jobs that come with being a business owner. “I really love the work I do,” he said. “I love roasting cof- fee, and I love serving people drinks and making drinks. And I love the social aspect of it.” After working for Cimarron Coffee Roasters owner Eric Palumbo for four years, he bought the coffee shop earlier this month. NowWick is the latest owner in the shop’s 30- plus year history. He had already fallen in love with Ridgway in 1994, when he passed through after attending a music festival in Telluride. Later on, shortly after they first met, his wife Tera asked him where he’d most like to live, anywhere in the world. His answer? Ridgway. The Wicks moved to town three years ago, fulfilling that dream. Wick’s connection with the coffee shop started after his family moved to the area from Portland, Oregon. His quest for the region’s best coffee led him to Palumbo, who invited him to watch him work his magic on the beans and taught him to roast coffee beans. Soon he was hired to be the production coffee roaster and has worked for the business in that capacity as well as in both the Ridgway and Montrose shops as a barista for more than four years. He credited Palumbo for teach- ing him about the business of coffee and for being a good person to work for over the years. “We have always had just a great, great work relation- ship,”Wick said of Palumbo. When Palumbo approached Wick more than two months ago about purchasing the Ridgway shop, he immediately jumped at the chance. Wick said he still plans on filling in with roasting in Montrose as needed, but the bulk of his time will now be devoted to the shop in Ridgway. Customers will likely also see the Wicks’ two children, Sunny, 9, and Dory, 11, who are already learning the ropes of the family coffee business. Wick said he’s proud to serve a quality product to the Business & Real Estate O u r a y C o u n t y P l a i n d e a l e r • n o v e m b e r 2 0 2 0 Employee buys Cimarron Coffee and Books, looks to boost business Nate Wick is the new owner of Cimarron Coffee and Books in Ridgway. The three-year resident of Ridgway bought the business earlier this month after working for previous owner Eric Palumbo for four years. Plaindealer photo by Carolina Brown A latte change in Ridgway See COFFEE p8 by Carolina Brown news@ouraynews.com