Veterans Day Salute to service November 9, 2022 From left, Penelope Bustamante, 9, Madelynn Bustamante, 11, and Adeline Guerrero, 9, hold a photo of Antonio R. Guerrero, U.S. Marine Corp, who served from 1968-1971. Jim Berke, LtCol, U.S. Air Force Edward Howard Bergthal Army, Retired 1977 Dr. Benold, Sr. Air Force Surgeon Korea Jay Beavers U.S. Army, infantry, Sgt. E-5, 1968-1969 Cpl. Ken Bartoo, USMC 1979 - 1983 Miguel Bamberger Army and Air Force Ken Baker Air Force Staff Sgt. David Baier U.S. Army – National Guard 1970 - 1980 Ed Artmann Army Jay Anderson Captain U.S. Air Force 1959 - 1966 Sherrill Alley U.S. Air Force 1954-1962