SUNDAY DAYTIME AUGUST 7, 2022 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 KTBC E@ (6:00) Good Day Austin FOX News Sunday Retire Church Paid Paid Paid Income for Paid Paid Planet Space Life 2.0 Pets Simpsons Simpsons Travel Travel KVUE E# KVUE News Daybreak Sunday This Week In Touch Reporter Paid Paid WNBA Basketball: Connecticut vs Chicago WNBA Basketball: Las Vegas vs Seattle Paid Paid KXAN E$ TODAY News Texas Meet Press News Paid 2022 AIG Women’s Open: Final Round (Live) Pre-Race IndyCar Series: Grand Prix (Live) IndyCar KEYE E% Paid Full CBS News Sunday Morning Nation Osteen PBR Bullriding CBS Sports Spectacular: NOBULL Crossfit PGA Tour Golf: Wyndham - Final (Live) KNVA E& Paid Paid Lord’s Way Catholic Paid Paid Paid Paid Awards Windows Paid Paid Burgers Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Wipeout Wipeout KLRU E( Hero Alma’s Way Mr.Rogers Daniel Gardener TBA Wildlife Daytripper Fly Ireland Finding Your Roots American Recipe Antiques Roadshow Finding Your Roots NOVA LIFE E30 Amazing Dr. David Osteen Paid Fifty Shades of Grey ac (‘15, Romance) Jamie Dornan. Fifty Shades Darker aa (‘17, Romance) Dakota Johnson. Fifty Shades Freed (‘18, Drama) Dakota Johnson. Gone Girl aaaa (‘14) TBS E33 Dad Dad Dad Dad Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends Ride Along 2 aac (‘16, Comedy) Ice Cube. Central Intelligence (‘16, Comedy) Kevin Hart. Step Brothers (‘08) TNT E34 NCIS: New Orleans NCIS: New Orleans NCIS: New Orleans NCIS: New Orleans Shrek (‘01, Fantasy) Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy. Shrek 2 (‘04, Fantasy) Mike Myers, John Cleese. Ant-Man aaac (‘15, Action) Paul Rudd. ESPN E35 Sports Sports Sports Sports American Cornhole League (Live) World Chase Tag 2021 Little League: Regionals (Live) 2021 Little League BSSW E38 Road Trip Texans TV Paid Paid Texans TV MLB Baseball: Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers (Replay) Rangers Pregame MLB Baseball: Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers (Live) Postgame USA E55 2022 AIG Women’s Open: Final Round (Live) IMSA Sports Car: IMSA Fastlane Sportscar (Live) NASCAR NASCAR Cup Series: FireKeepers (Live) A&E E58 Flipping Vegas Flipping Vegas Tiny House Living Living Zombie House Flipping Road Wars Taken (‘09, Action) Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace. Taken 3 aac (‘15, Action) Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen. DSC E60 Gold Rush: Dave Gold Rush Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid XL (TV14) TLC E61 Gypsy Wedding Seeking Sister Wife Seeking Sister Wife Seeking Sister Wife I Love a Mama’s Boy I Love a Mama’s Boy I Love a Mama’s Boy I Love a Mama’s Boy 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé FAM E63 (6:30) Grease aaa (‘78, Musical) John Travolta. (:05) Grease 2 (‘82, Musical) Maxwell Caulfield (:40) 10 Things I Hate About You (‘99, Comedy) (:45) The Devil Wears Prada (‘06, Comedy) Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway. Woman DISN E64 Big City Big City Big City Big City Miraculous Miraculous Big City Big City Miraculous Miraculous Miraculous Miraculous Ultra Ultra Ultra Villains Villains Villains Big City Big City TOON E66 Teen Titans Go! Valentino Valentino Valentino Valentino Baby Bears Baby Bears Dramarama Dramarama (:15) Titans (:45) Titans Gumball Gumball Gumball Gumball Shrek (‘01, Fantasy) Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy. AMC E74 Southpaw Rocky aaac (‘76, Drama) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. Rocky II aaa (‘79, Drama) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. Rocky III aaa (‘82, Drama) Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire. Rocky IV aac (‘85, Drama) Sylvester Stallone. NWSNT E85 Mass Perry Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man Man: Pilot Man Man Man Man TCM G763 Les Girls (‘57, Musical) Gene Kelly, Mitzi Gaynor. The Happy Road aa (‘57, Comedy) (:45) The Three Musketeers (‘48, Adventure) Lana Turner. The Pirate aac (‘48, Musical) Judy Garland. Singin’ in the Rain (‘52, Musical) Gene Kelly. HBO G850 (6:40) 3:10 to Yuma (‘07, Western) Cellular (‘04, Thriller) Kim Basinger. (:20) Elvis Presley: The Searcher: Part 1 (:10) Max Payne aa (‘08, Thriller) (:50) Dune aaa (‘21, Action) Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson. Real Time SHOW G865 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (‘91, Adventure) Kevin Costner. The Green Knight aaa (‘21, Drama) Dev Patel. (:45) The Last Boy Scout (‘91, Action) Bruce Willis. (:35) Hostage (‘05, Thriller) Bruce Willis Stillwater (‘21, Crime) Matt Damon. EVENING 6:00pm E64 Teen Beach Movie (2013) After two high school comrades fall off surfboards, they awaken to discover that they are inside of a 1960s-era beach musical film. (NR, 1:45) 6:12pm G850 Belfast (2022) A working class family and their young son navigate the challenges of living in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast in the late 1960s. (PG-13, 1:48) 7:00pm E30 The Art of Passion (2022) An ER doctor and an artist engage in a whirlwind romance, until an abused patients work and personal lives become intertwined. (NR, 2:03) G763 On the Town aaac (1949) Three young sailors with shore leave decide to visit New York City and meet a trio of lovely young women who leave them as breathless as the Big Apple. (NR, 2:00) 7:05pm E63 Spy aaac (2015) A meek and demure CIA analyst spends most of her time at a desk, but she is the latent hero behind some of the Agency’s most perilous missions. Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham. (R, 2:40) 9:00pm E74 Gone in 60 Seconds aaa (2000) A mobster demands that a retired car thief supply him with 50 exotic cars in order to stop him from killing the thief’s younger brother, who failed at the task. Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie. (PG-13, 2:45) G763 An American in Paris aaa (1951) In Paris, a struggling American painter is discovered by an influential heiress who likes him for more than his art, but he falls for a charming French woman. (NR, 2:00) 9:36pm E33 The House Bunny aac (2008) A Playboy bunny is evicted for being too old and ends up as a den mother for socially-inept sorority girls who are about to lose their house. Anna Faris, Colin Hanks. (PG-13, 2:00) 9:45pm E63 Ghostbusters aa (2016) A paranormal researcher and a physicist join forces with an engineer and a lifelong New Yorker to battle troublesome spirits in New York City. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig. (PG-13, 3:15) 10:00pm E34 Zombieland aaac (2009) In a world overrun by zombies, unlikely partners must survive attacks by violently killing the undead while journeying to the last place of refuge. (R, 2:00) 11:00pm G763 Take Me Out to the Ball Game aac (1949) The players on a championship baseball team are shocked to discover their new owner is a beautiful woman with some plans of her own for the team. (NR, 2:00) 11:36pm E33 Legally Blonde aac (2001) A fashion major applies to Harvard Law School to impress her ex-boyfriend and soon becomes involved in defending a murder suspect. (PG-13, 2:00) 11:45pm E74 Southpaw aaac (2015) A once-successful boxer, who loses his home and daughter after abusing alcohol and prescription drugs, gets help to revive his career and regain his family. Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams. (R, 3:00) 12:00am E34 From Dusk Till Dawn aaa (1996) Two bank-robbing, escaped convict brothers take an ex-preacher and his family hostage while en route to a rendezvous at a hellish biker bar in Mexico. Harvey Keitel, George Clooney. (R, 2:00) 1:00am G763 Brigadoon aaa (1954) Two Americans on a hunting trip stumble across a legendary Scottish village, which reappears every 100 years, only to vanish 24 hours later. Gene Kelly, Van Johnson. (NR, 2:00) 1:36am E33 Step Brothers aaa (2008) Two grown men who live with their single parents become step-brothers when their parents marry, and they are reluctantly forced to share a bedroom together. Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly. (R, 1:57) 3:00am G763 Invitation to the Dance aac (1956) A clown is jealous because his beloved loves another; a seductive bracelet is handed down from one lover to another; a sailor finds a genie at a marketplace. Gene Kelly, Diana Adams. (NR, 2:00) 3:25am G850 Runner Runner aac (2013) Grad student travels to Costa Rica to confront an online gambling tycoon and is seduced by his lifestyle until he learns the truth about his new boss. Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton. (R, 1:35) 3:30am G865 Paycheck aac (2003) A reverse-engineer who has had his memory erased must figure out the clues he left himself before he is caught by those who hunt him. Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart. (PG-13, 2:00) SUNDAY EVENING AUGUST 7, 2022 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 12 AM 12:30 KTBC E@ News The Simp- sons Beat Shazam (TVPG) The Simp- sons The Great North Bob’s Bur- gers Family Guy FOX 7 Austin News at 9:00 Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory TMZ Raw Travel The Simp- sons KVUE E# ABC World News KVUE News @ 5:30 America’s Funniest Home Videos Celebrity Family Feud (N) The $100,000 Pyramid (N) The Final Straw (N) KVUE News Nightbeat Night Of Hope Harvest Paid Pro- gram Ninja War- rior KXAN E$ News NBC Nightly News Who Do You (N) Family Game Fight! (N) America’s Got Talent: Auditions End and Judge Deliberations (TVPG) News KXAN Gamenight The Outdoors Texas Bucket Castle: After the Storm (TVPG) KEYE E% CBS Week- end News 60 Minutes (N) Big Brother (N) The Equalizer (TV14) NCIS: Los Angeles (TV14) CBS Austin News Sports Sunday Paid Pro- gram Full Game Time Texas Music Scene KNVA E& Weather Weather Feud Feud Animals Animals Penn & Teller News YOLO, TX Seinfeld Hollywood Mom Mom Men Men KLRU E( The Green Planet Ecosense PBS News In Their Own Words Grantchest COBRA The Hour In Their Own Words Arthur Source LIFE E30 (4:00) Gone Girl aaaa (‘14, Thriller) Ben Affleck. The Art of Passion (‘22, Thriller) (:03) A Dangerous Affair (‘22, Thriller) (:01) The Art of Passion (‘22, Thriller) TBS E33 Step Brothers (‘08) Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Love Life The House Bunny aac (‘08, Comedy) Anna Faris. (:36) Legally Blonde (‘01, Comedy) TNT E34 Ant-Man Captain Marvel (‘19, Action) Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson. Animal: Clink Animal: Clink Zombieland (‘09, Horror) Woody Harrelson. From Dusk Till Dawn ESPN E35 2021 Little League MLB Baseball: San Diego vs Los Angeles (Live) Sports SportsCenter (Live) Sports (Replay) BSSW E38 KINS Rangers Rangers Spotlight MLB Baseball: Chicago vs Texas (Replay) Inside Camp World Poker Tour WNBA Game USA E55 Post Show Snake in the Grass Austin Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU A&E E58 Biography: WWE Legends: Bret “Hitman” Hart Biography: WWE Legends (N) (:01) WWE Rivals WWE Smack WWE’s (:03) Biography: WWE Legends: Lex Luger DSC E60 Naked and Afraid XL Nkd & Afrd Naked XL Naked and Afraid (:01) Naked and Afraid (:01) Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid XL Naked and Afraid TLC E61 90 Day Fiancé (TV14) 90 Day Fiancé: Episode 17 (N) (:03) I Love a (:04) 90 Day 90 Day Fiancé (TV14) FAM E63 Pretty Woman (‘90, Romance) Richard Gere. (:05) Spy (‘15, Comedy) Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham. (:45) Ghostbusters aa (‘16, Comedy) Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig. DISN E64 Big City Big City Teen Beach Movie (‘13, Family) Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie Big City Big City Big City Big City Jessie Jessie TOON E66 Shrek 2 aaa (‘04, Fantasy) Mike Myers. Burgers Burgers Futurama Futurama Dad Dad Rick Morty Rick Morty Tuca Birdgirl Smiling Dad AMC E74 The Fugitive aaac (‘93, Action) Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones. Talking Gone in 60 Seconds aaa (‘00, Action) Nicolas Cage. (:45) Southpaw aaac (‘15, Drama) NWSNT E85 Man Man NewsNation Prime NewsNation Prime NewsNation Prime NewsNation Prime NewsNation Prime NewsNation Prime Dan Abrams Live TCM G763 Summer Stock aaa (‘50, Musical) Judy Garland. On the Town aaac (‘49, Musical) Gene Kelly. An American in Paris (‘51, Musical) Gene Kelly. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (‘49, Musical) HBO G850 (4:30) Real Time The Re- hearsal (:12) Belfast aaa (‘22, Drama) Jude Hill, Lewis McAskie. (PG-13) Westworld: Metanoia (N) The Anarchists (N) Oliver (:35) Westworld (TVMA) The Anarchists (:25) John Ol- iver SHOW G865 (3:40) Stillwater aaa (‘21, Crime) Matt Damon. City on a Hill (TVMA) VICE VICE The Chi: Angels (N) City on a Hill (N) Flatbush: hot potato The Chi: Angels (TVMA) City on a Hill (TVMA) Flatbush: hot potato